Computer and IT Resources for Missions

This page is a quick-reference list of resources that we (and others!) offer the Christian missions & ministry community.

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The International Conference on Computing and Missions is an annual informal (no ties allowed!) gathering of women and men with a common interest in computers and missions, who share a vision of cooperation for the effective use of technology to bring the Gospel to every nation.

The International Christian Technologists' Association's vision is "to see vital communities united in Spirit and in trust", the result being "Spirit-led technologists and technology, transforming the Church and its witness in our technological world." ICTA has a great new community site called A Place of Koinonia.

The Christian Open Development Network (CODN) is a ministry of LightSys which is dedicated to providing a collaborative resource for Christians interested in open-source software development for the furthering of the Gospel.
Need help training missionary end-users on how to get the most of their computer? Check out for a ministry which is very similar in spirit to LightSys. They provide training & help for common PC issues.

Potter's Ministries - COSS
Potter's Ministries is a partner ministry in the Christian Open Source Software (COSS) effort, now being realized in the new CODN site.

Crosscape Technology Ltd
Crosscape is an Australian-based ministry which has goals and a ministry model very similar to LightSys. They are actively serving missions, particularly in Australia and neighboring regions.

MissionBytes Email List
MissionBytes is an email newsletter for those who are interested in knowing more about specific "byte-sized" goings-on in the missions computing world. We offer this as a service to the Christian community.

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