Our Method of Ministry

Working under a unique business model, we do not charge for our services per se, but rather we are a nonprofit charity ourselves. As such we are in an even better position to understand missions needs and work with missions more closely. The only costs associated with our services are the following:

  • Room and Board. We request that you as a mission agency provide the LightSys consultant with room and board while he/she is onsite;
  • Hard Costs. We may charge a minimal fee to cover hard costs (room, board, materials) for attendance at conferences or training workshops that we do.

We do not charge hourly fees or tuition, nor do we engage in paid retainer arrangements.


Why have we chosen this incarnational approach of being like those whom we serve?

  • Understanding. We hope that by operating in the manner of a missions agency ourselves, we can better understand and support other missions agencies.
  • Accessibility. We desire especially to be well-positioned to serve organizations that are too small to afford consulting services at all (even at reduced rates), especially since the strategic IT decisions made in the first few years of operation will have a substantial impact on the organization's IT capabilities and infrastructure for years down the road.
  • Experience. By focusing on missions organizations, we hope to build our base of expertise such that we are better positioned to serve missions than a typical secular consulting firm would be.
  • Partnership. We desire to be able to partner with missions agencies, both spiritually and business-wise, such that we are co-workers with missions in the goal of world evangelization.

Whom We Serve

LightSys focuses on Christian missions organizations and missionaries who have an ultimate focus on their role in fulfilling Jesus' Great Commission and bringing Jesus' love and truth to all nations. We are most encouraged by clients who are intentional, either via their own work or via partnerships, in both sharing the truth and good news of Jesus as well as sharing Jesus' love by acts of kindness; there is a strong relationship between countries with desperate spiritual needs and countries with desperate physical needs.