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Apr 7, 2015: Our final Code-a-Thon group from Computer Science and Engineering (Taylor University) spent last week with us and departed on Saturday morning, having added another piece to an Android app to help people learn a people group's heart language that is verging on extinction in the younger generation. Thank you, Taylor team for your work this past week! (and congrats, Austin, for conquering the Barr trail and climbing Pikes Peak!)

Mar 13, 2015: The LeTourneau University and Covenant College Spring Break Code-a-Thon for Missions teams are wrapping up their week of coding tonight. The Global Recordings Network language recognition game app looks wonderful, and an app to help people learn a people group's heart language verging on extinction is ready for the Computer Science and Engineering (Taylor University) team to write the finishing piece. On other fronts, some website design was done, a CRM email plugin was debugged, a research project was written, continued development was done on a pair of LightSys apps, and auto-update capability was added to a Unreached Peoples - Joshua Project app this week. Add to that, we at LightSys have just moved into our new office space last Saturday, and some of the Code-a-Thon participants even helped with a new WiFi network project at Chapel Hills Church. We also had a worship night, a game and pool (indoor!) night, an outing at Garden of the Gods, and the participants had a day off to go hike and explore Colorado. And special thanks to our four much-appreciated devotional speakers (Ashley, Pete, Duane, and Lisa)! It has been a crazy, busy, encouraging week here at LightSys! Pray for the groups as they return home this weekend. Now it's time to get some rest. :)

Mar 7, 2015: The Cedarville University Code-a-Thon team just departed early this morning after having nicely completed an Android app and a web widget, both to benefit Unreached Peoples - Joshua Project, and the web widget will also help Global Recordings Network. A dozen students from LeTourneau University arrive tonight for Code-a-Thon, followed by four more from Covenant College tomorrow evening. This will be our largest team to-date! All the while, we are in the process of moving our office space here in Colorado Springs today, as well as beginning to update the WiFi infrastructure at our church. Be praying for us as we have a very busy week ahead of us!

Feb 28, 2015: Cedarville University Code-a-Thon team: we're thankful you're not driving through Indiana / Illinois / Missouri tonight! This Google traffic map tells the story: super snow snarls across the midwest.

Jun 8, 2013: The 2013 @iccm conference begins in just two days! We're looking forward to seeing many of you there. #iccmus

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Apr 2, 2013: Looking for a CRM/ERP software vendor? Find a vendor willing to immerse itself into knowing your organization. #DontEpicFail

Mar 22, 2013: Last day of Spring Break #CodeAThon for #Missions 2013! The @CalvinCollege group leaves tomorrow... we'll miss them! [link]

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CODN: The Christian Open Development Network (CODN) is a ministry of LightSys which is dedicated to providing a collaborative resource for Christians interested in open-source software development for the furthering of the Gospel.

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